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Place your orders | Good Reading | December 2006–January 2007, p. 36
This is a time of year for focusing on goals and intentions for the next twelve months. For anyone wanting to realise more of their dreams, maybe some ‘cosmic ordering’ could be the way to go. English astrologer Jonathan Cainer was recently in Australia promoting his new book, Cosmic Ordering: how to make your dreams come true. While here he spoke to Rosamund Burton.

Jonathan Cainer writes horoscopes for the Daily Mail in the UK and in Australia for the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph, the Herald-Sun and the Sunday Times. ‘Cosmic ordering,’, he says, is a phrase that has been used in New Age and hippie circles for years, and has reached the mainstream in the UK due to the television personality Noel Edmonds. Edmonds used to be the presenter of BBC Radio One's breakfast show in the 1970s, and in the 1980s and '90s went on to become a prominent television figure. But in 1999 his career fell into the doldrums. Apparently, his reflexologist lent him a copy of The Cosmic Ordering Service: A guide to Realising your Dreams by German author Barbel Mohr. One of his desires was for a new challenge, and within months he was offered the opportunity to return to television to host Deal or No Deal. The show first went to air a year ago and has been a phenomenal success, and in interviews Noel Edmonds has attributed the re-launch of his career to cosmic ordering.

As a result, the phrase hit the headlines and Jonathan Cainer was rung by the BBC and asked if he could comment on the subject. He spoke on Radio Four's prestigious Today show and found himself being interviewed extensively by television and radio shows about the topic.

He admits that he has not read Barbel Mohr's book, but while giving these interviews began to worry that people were starting to believe the universe was like a giant department store from which you could order anything. It was a desire ‘to add some kind of salutary note about consciousness’ that made him approach his publishers about doing a book on the subject.

Jonathan Cainer describes cosmic ordering as ‘prayer without a specific deity. It's prayer to the cosmos and your own understanding of what the divine is’. By asking, he explains, we can ‘bring into our lives the most fantastic and wonderful rewards, both spiritually and materially’. He says prosperity can be ordered in this way, as well as a parking space, a home, or even a partner.

‘The way in which most people limit their lives and prevent cosmic ordering from working is that they become closed-minded. There is no limit to how open-minded a human being can be if they wish to be. There is no limit to the amount of success and joy and fulfilment they'll experience if they strive for that experience of open-mindedness’.

The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr is a guidebook to attracting more of what you want into your life, and is full of examples of how it has worked in her life. She even managed to manifest a castle to live in. What she does emphasise throughout the book is listening to your inner voice, or intuition. The way to do that, she says, is to ‘make a strong commitment to yourself’. Most people have been taught to put other people before themselves, but by making a commitment to yourself, she says: ‘You are declaring your intention to claim the courage required to live your truth. You are declaring that you wish to live in oneness, and in love, and in the joy that naturally follows these things’. And by committing to yourself first she believes that you naturally give to those around you by being joyful rather than full of resentment.

Jonathan Cainer has used the voice of the reader's guardian angel as the mouthpiece in his book, and addresses some of the pitfalls. So often, he says, people ask for what they do not really want, instead of what they need. Despite huge hints they ignore opportunities put in their path, and then do not understand why things are not working for them. He admits that he talks constantly to his guardian angel and makes both large and small requests for assistance throughout the day.

‘I just know from my own experience that you can ask the universe for help, and you can get it,’ explains Cainer. ‘The phrase I always used to use is: “I'm going to put out for this”. I'm going to put out for the right solution to this problem, or I'm going to put out for something positive to happen here’.

So with the recent release of both Barbel Mohr's and Jonathan Cainer's books in Australia, those who feel inclined can start ordering now.

Cosmic Ordering by Jonathan Cainer is published by HarperCollins, rrp $19.99

The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr is published by Hodder Mobius, rrp $25.00